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Name: Angela Tarimy
Organization name: Finnish Association for Nature Conservation (FANC) – Manondroala project, Madagascar
Country: Madagascar
Organization Web site URL if any:
Job title: Project Coordinator
Email address:
Phone: (+261)340197297

Teaching experience:: For more than 6 years, I was working on forest mapping and forest restoration of Madagascar within the project Manondroala. The project aim is to create a new, locally applicable forest monitoring method that can be used in community forest management as well as in research.
I have contributed to develop content and overall training structure on humid forest mapping method of project Manondroala. Trainings are for Malagasy network of conservationists and are specially developed with adopted manual in Malagasy language and in English. The humid forest mapping method was developed together with national and international GIS network.



Also, I was developing training materials and taught at local community level the “Basic manipulation of GPS, GIS software and Google Earth” and the local perception of intactness and degradation forests classes of humid forests of Madagascar. The objective is to empower decision makers at local and national level with accurate and up to date information on deforestation and forest degradation in Madagascar.

See more details about Manondroala mapping method here:

Perspectives The Train The Trainer Program is very important to support the efforts of popularizing the utilization of ArcGIS tools to the Society for Conservation GIS Madagascar members, to the network of GIS and conservationists and even to the local community managing protected area.
In fact, the Train the Trainer Program helps to develop training materials adopted to introduce new technologies for a better nature conservation in Madagascar



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