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2017 Scholarship Program Sponsors:
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2017 Scholarship Program Sponsors:
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We are proud to present our 2017 International Scholar Program Finalists. 2017 was the most challenging in our history, with over 150 highly qualified scientists from over 30 countries competing for just 18 final slots. The group below represents the best of the best of conservationists using geography and GIS to pursue effective science, educate and change local communities, and discover new ways of protecting species. Please plan on attending the SCGIS 2017 Annual International Conference to see them in person, and please join the SCGIS 2017 Membership Drive that helps support the ongoing work of these great activists! We also give special thanks to the World Widlife Fund EFN program for their special support of our 3 scholars from Gabon, Malaysia and Colombia, ("EFN").

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Doost Ali Nawaz, Wildlife Conservation Society, Pakistan

Mohammad "Doha" Shamsuddoha , WildTeam, Bangladesh

Laura Daniela Benítez , Yubarta Foundation, Colombia

Marisol Dominguez, Aves Argentinas, Argentina

Khew Ee Hung, Rakuno Gakuen University, Japan/ Malaysia

Wilde Rosny Ngalekassaga,(EFN), Conservation Justice, Gabon

Vincent Abere, Ol Pejeta Conservancy, Kenya

Solomon C. Carlon, Conservation International, Liberia

Anastasia Philippova, NeoEcoProject, Russia

Yogendra K Karna, Nepal Ministry of Forests /University of Melbourne, Australia

Hermenegildo A. Matimele, National Herbarium of Mozambique

Jimmy Leonardo Pinedo Silva, ECOAN - Alto Mayo Protected Forest


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Bruna Oliveira, Instituto de Pesquisas Ecológicas, BRAZIL

Johanna Prüssmann (EFN) World WIldlife Fund, Colombia

Dina H. Andrianoely, Centre ValBio , Madagascar

Aaria Ripeka Dobson-Waitere, Taranaki Whānui ki Te Upoko o Te Ika, New Zealand

Lucy Peter Liew (EFN), Danau Girang Field Centre, Malaysia

Jassiel L. Msoka, Department of National Parks and Wildlife , Zambia

Erwin Pardo Toledo, Forest Certification Authority, Bolivia

TRAIN THE TRAINER TEACHERS: these are prior scholars who were selected for advanced training to become certified SCGIS Instructors, and are returning to assist the scholarship program with additional instruction.

Angela Tarimy, Manondroala Project, Madagascar

Tatenda Muchopa, Painted Dog Research Trust, Zimbabwe

SCGIS International Volunteer: this is a new program to honor an international student volunteer who serves as a course assistant & support person for the scholars
Adnane Labacci, High Commission of Water Forests and Combating Desertification, Morocco

Our International Software Sponsors are esri partners and distributors who are supporting scholars from their region with grants of software and additional training, to help expand and support their conservation work after the training program. The 2017 International Sponsors are:

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The Train-The-Trainer (TTT) program (see right column at end), is another great program where recent SCGIS scholars support John Schaeffer in providing GIS training to that year’s International Scholars. The new trainers then get certified and are able to present the training back home to others and thus continue in providing GIS training to those who need it. To date around 21 trainers have been certified and they have provided training to around 570 recipients. The TTT program provides these new trainers with the skills, confidence and material to go out and continue building capacity in conservation GIS all around the world. .