California Native Plant Society / Calif Dept of Fish & Wildlife Mapping Support Page

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Cnps California's Botanical Lanscapes STORYMAP (on Webpage)



Cnps/Cdfw Vegetation Explorer BASE Webmap Foundation (Map layer & source data information)

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CNPS/CDFW Calif Vegetation Explorer App 2018 (larger map)

This app is a project of the Esri Conservation Program in support of CNPS & CDFW Vegcamp
(to see this help again, refresh your browser to reload the app, or visit the app help site )
NOTE: Veg QUERY layers are off by default, only turn on if zoomed in or filters are set!
Overview Map on right side is controlled by small diagonal arrow in lower right corner.
Table display at bottom is controlled by little pull tab in the middle.


Calif Ecology Web App version 1(on Webpage)


Calif Ecology Web MAP Version 1 Individual Projects

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