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Preconference Technical Workshops
John Schaeffer, Juniper GIS . "Spatial Analysis & Raster Analysis"

Main Sessions

ABSTRACT: Cameroon mangroves are biologically productive with estuarine which serve as nursery, feeding and breeding ground for many kinds of marine organisms. Over the years, this productive coastal ecosystem has experienced the concentration of population, exploitation of natural resources, discharge of waste effluent and municipal sewage. Lack of adequate Geospatial data on distribution of these resources remains a hindrance to natural resource management in developing nations like Cameroon. The Limbe Botanic Garden GIS/RS Department was contracted by FAO of the United Nations to ascertain mangrove zones along the coastline of Cameroon. We classified the different mangrove species, developed an accurate Geo-spatial database with the distribution of mangrove zones relative to other land cover/Land use types. Provided training on data collection, storage and analysis to collaborating local institutions, Non Governmental Organizations, and Community Based Organizations helping local communities in their application and management of these reserves.






=Preconference Technical Workshops ===================================================

dJohn Schaeffer, Juniper GISd
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Creating Map Books in ArcGIS

Spatial Analysis & Raster Analysis



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