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SCGIS 2018 Scholar Introductions Videos:

Nelson Mwangi, Kenya,
Carlos Delgado-Vélez, Colombia
Dirga Daniel, Indonesia
Jackson Katampi, Zambia
Tin Thu , Myanmar
Leng Phlong, Cambodia
Alexandru Ciutea, Romania
Enathe Hasabwamariya, Rwanda
Sean Bragg, New Zealand
Oksana Savenko, Ukraine
Agnese Mancini, Italy/Egypt
Cecilia Passadore, Uruguay
Noelia Volpe, Argentina
Dibyendu Mandal, India
Animesh Ghose, Bangladesh

Bob Mandinyenya, Zimbabwe
Fernanda Gonzalez, Ecuador
Khalid Mwakoba, Tanzania

TTT Trainers:
Aaria Ripeka Dobson-Waitere, New Zealand
Mervyn Lotter, Soiuth Africa

SCGIS 2018 Scholar Interviews: Scholars talk about their lives and how they discovered GIS & Conservation.
Aaria Ripeka Dobson-Waitere on the traditional origins of her conservation values
Aaria Ripeka Dobson-Waitere on SCGIS & Maori Values for teaching Conservation
Aaria Ripeka Dobson-Waitere on Climate Change in Traditional Communities
Sean Bragg of Aotearoa (New Zealand) on the origins of his conservation GIS interests
Fernanda Gonzalez, Ecuador
Fernanda Gonzalez on Conservation Planning

Enathe Hasabwamariya, Rwanda on her own origins in conservation & primatology
Enathe Hasabwamariya, Rwanda on how the genocide changed national feelings about wilderness
Animesh Ghose, Bangladesh on how traditional hunters play crucial roles in conservation GIS
Khalid Mwakoba, Tanzania on his origins as a conservationist learning traditional hunting
Cecilia Passadore, Uruguay on starting her own Cetacean Conservation Organization
Alexandru Ciutea, Romania on discovering GIS and its role in protecting the ancient forest in Romania
Daniel Dirga, Sumatra, on his conservation GIS origins following forest losses to palm oil









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2017 Intl Scholar Profiles . Examples of the work and achievements of last year's scholarship finalists
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