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CTSP Board of Directors:

Ed Backus -Ecotrust

Steve Beckwitt -Sierra Biodiversity Institute

Charles Convis- ESRI, Inc.

Marshall Mayer -Egroup

Peter Morrison- Pacific Biodiversity Institute

Larry Orman -GreenInfo Network

Rob Stuart -Rockefeller Technology Project

Janice Thomson -The Wilderness Society

Forrest Whitt -Hewlett Packard Company

CTSP does more than just provide the equipment - it is one of the only computer technology programs in the country to offer an entire range of training and support to those to whom it grants. CTSP provides basic and advanced training for all its grantees, an on-call technical support resource, and training kits for those seeking to learn mapping strategies for conservation. CTSP is supported by a consortium of conservation GIS organizations including: Desktop Assistance, GreenInfo Network, Interrain Pacific, Pacific Biodiversity Institute, Rockefeller Technology Project, Sierra Biodiversity Institute, and The Wilderness Society, Northwest Office. The primary donating sponsors of CTSP are Hewlett Packard Company, manufacturers of computers, printers and peripherals, and Environmental Systems Research Institute, Inc. (ESRI), the leading publisher of GIS software.

(Photo: 1999 CTSP Board and Staff (L to R) Forrest Whitt, Peter Morrison, Janice Thompson, Ed Backus, Anna Potterat, Steve Beckwitt, Charles Convis, Larry Orman)

CTSP grants leverage almost $1 million in computer and software donations annually, supporting over 200 non-profit conservation groups in the past four years. Maps, like this one of a watershed affected by logging, play a crucial role in public policy debates.

Most CTSP grantees are U.S.-based, non- profit organizations with the expertise to develop and maintain a GIS program but without the resources to obtain the necessary hardware, software, training and technical assistance. Some grants are made to international groups which have a U.S. sponsor.

CTSP relies on operating grants from foundations to make possible the nearly $1 million of equipment and software grants that it makes annually. With an yearly budget of approximately $75,000, CTSP is able to leverage each grant dollar with 13 dollars in donated products and services. In addition, CTSP volunteers contribute additional review and training expertise. The current coordinator for CTSP is the San Francisco- based GreenInfo Network.

"This is the most successful of our environmental grants, and it's one of the most impressive of all of our grant programs." Forrest Whitt, Hewlett Packard Company

How You Can Help
- If you are seeking a grant, you can visit the CTSP web page for more information, or write us at our address.
- If you know of groups that should know about us, please provide this information to them, or send us their address.
- If you have products or services that you want to contribute, you can contact the CTSP coordinator.
- If you would like to support CTSP with a cash grant, please contact us, we welcome your interest and support for this highly effective program!

In Grantees' Own Words...
"CTSP has made a great difference to our organization ... through the windows this has opened in terms of interaction with NGOs, government, industry, and First Nationals. This will only increase in the future...This will make all the difference in the world." (The School for Field Studies, Center for Coast Studies - Bamfield, B.C. )

"It is fair to say that having this GIS capacity enabled our project to be more effective and put SREP into a totally new mode of operation. SREP's mission is being able to manipulate large scale mapping information. We also secured the funds that supported a full-time mapping coordinator, which was essential to effective operation, and the local mapping affiliates... fully support SREP and benefit from it. It has been a winning combination, and we are all most grateful to CTSP and the consortium partners for this opportunity." (Southern Rockies Ecosystem Project, Colorado Environmental Coalition - Nederland, Colorado )

"Our experience under this grant has shown us that both the public and the officials that work for the public respond well to our reports and plans when [these] are comprised of maps backed by hard data. The maps provide spatial information which is easy for stakeholders to read and understand; maps also give strong visual authority to our findings." (People for Puget Sound - Seattle, Washington )

How to contact CTSP
Conservation Technology Support Program
201 Mission Street, 4th Floor
San Francisco CA 94105
Fax: (415)979-0371
info@ctsp.org (autoreply with general information)
ctsp@ctsp.org (for email correspondence)
For phone contact, please send email or fax requesting a call
back, and we will respond promptly.

(Photo: Page Else of the Sitka Conservation Society (1995 CTSP recipient ) uses granted equipment to map ancient forests and wildlife in the Alaska Penninsula)


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